Michael Karamanis is a fine innovator of a new dining style, combining high quality dining with the casual market experience. Michael is the son of Stelios Karamanis, founder and owner of Pacific Fish Market, which has and continues to provide local restaurants, diners and other large scale operations with a variety of fresh fish and seafood on a daily basis.

Michael started working in the family business during his college years. Upon receiving his degree from Berkeley College in Business Management, he decided to continue help run Pacific Fish Market. That requires him to work long hours, from early morning when the Fulton Fish Market opens till late at night when dining hours at his new venture, P.F. Market, are over. His success came quickly, as he has replaced his father in most daily tasks which relate to running the family business, including but not limited to maintaining the supply of seafood and inventory, seeking new customers, in addition to the internal operations of the business with computer systems.

Located at 1090 Bloomfield Avenue in West Caldwell New Jersey, PF Market was for many years prior to its opening, an Italian Restaurant, which succumbed to the recent economic recession and had closed down. Michael would pass by this location daily on his way home and decided that it was time to open his own business, which would combine high quality fresh fish and seafood from Pacific Fish Market in addition to serving freshly prepared dishes in a unique dining environment. Michael felt that such a restaurant would attract many patrons that would visit his establishment for a variety of reasons. Patrons could frequent the restaurant to have lunch and dinner, in addition to purchasing fresh fish and seafood to take home. Additionally, upon entering the establishment to purchase fresh fish, they would be enticed by the wonderful variety of choices of fresh fish and seafood prepared in various styles for patrons to sample.

This is the story of how PF Market, Seafood Market and Restaurant came to being. Today, Michael shares his time at both family businesses. Today, he and his wife, Philio, work together to create an enjoyable and unique dining experience for all their patrons.